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This is getting like that. Oxygen got crazy. At night, he just took it and walked into the woods, only that what slept, shoeless and in shorts. Jul chased after him, but his idealistic boy disappeared in the undergrowth. I watched it from the window of his cell. Somehow, trouble sleeping, so he will not miss much. But I do not mix well with anything. So it was not comfortable, if Jul began pounding on my door. I did I hear him. He continued.
“Red! I know you’re not asleep. We have to go looking for him! “He shouted. Mushrooms must. He did not realize how ugly that green thing?
I opened the spade and the door hit him in the shoulder.
“Hey, I’m not going anywhere. And you, if you mind, either. This forest is weird. Oxygen had to climb there. ”
He looked at me angrily, shifting, and I think he considered me to stick a couple of slaps. That I know for people, when this is attacked. But it was the character. He did not do it.
“When you are afraid, let it be. I walk alone, “he said. And he went. And I left it alone. I lay down and put on the headphones volume up. I did not know anything. But I did not sleep. I had those two stupid guys think, I had to think of the forest, what was there.
Jul found him. Ever since he Oxygen on trees speak so nicely and most importantly it does not make sense. Babbles, whimpering and drooling. Nobody knows what happened to him there.